In July 1929, the Fundamental Stone for the construction of the Centenario Stadium was laid, which began the following month, culminating in a record time of eight months.

In July 1929 became the cornerstone of the "great work" would occupy about 45,000 m2 of land on the property located in the Park of the Allies. They begin next month with the corresponding earthworks, who demanded the dismantling of 160,000 m3, approximately.

In January 1930, they were beginning their own works of reinforced concrete, estimated at around 20,000 m3, culminating the same in a record eight months.

The inauguration of the Centenario Stadium was made on July 18, 1930, when commemorating precisely the centenary of the First Constitution of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay. Hence its name, in memory of that historic event.

The July 18, 1983 was declared by FIFA "Historical Monument of World Football", the only building of its kind worldwide.